The skinny on SPIKE LEE’s-”Passing Strange” -and Happenstance in my own life…at Sundance…

“Spike Lee’s new documentary-”Passing Strange” is amazing. It’s also amazing how sometimes Karma steps into our lives unexpectedly.

I was randomly walking around Park City for the day on Friday, the first official day of the festival, people were still setting up booths and getting their networking hats on.

I wandered into the Park City library because I am crazy enough to go into a library on a vacation…and I wanted to see what was happening.  Mind you, I am not Joe Hollywood.  It turned out that it was the premiere of Spike Lee’s new film, “Passing Strange”.  Spike had always been a hero of mine etc.. so I jumped at the chance to see it.

Low and behold, it was the documentation of a NYC Broadway show titled, “Passing Strange”, which is the most powerful musical I have ever seen.  It is the story of a young black boy who lives in suburban-urban LA and he just doesn’t fit in, all based in the 1970s. The boy’s story is incidentally based on the original writer-performer of the play named “Stew”.

A link to Stew :
A link to the musical:

I watched further and noticed a man who looked familiar, one of the lead musicians by the name of Christian Gibbs.  Low and behold it was my Christian Gibbs, a long lost friend/pal I had known for the past 10years!
Mr. Gibbs was one of the first kind people to me during my humble-troubling beginnings in Los Angeles. This was during what I will say was a ‘dark period’ for myself . At a time when I had no car, and barely a roof over my head which happened to be in the roughest part of east Hollywood, Christian gave me rides and helped me like a true friend.  That was my life then, and it’s much later now and my life is much improved.

This musical will change your life if you allow it to.  Let it inside your heart and soul, and to quote Mr. Spike Lee: “it’s 25years in the making.”

This story is proof that we make our best and worst decisions in life when we are just lost teenagers trying to become something great/important in life.