Does this mean Stephen Baldwin will leave? Pray thats a yes….

Based on his statements I hope he wasn’t lying and he will leave the US since Obama won. I hope he’s a good Christian and keeps his word.

I sent the following email to:

Dear Stephen Baldwin,

Please keep your promise and leave the United States…more so Hollywood. You are a terrible actor and I don’t care for your preachy politics. Maybe you could move to Alaska and keep Sarah Palin company? Just a suggestion.

I bid you a fond farewell-


Carmelo Valone


In closing, I am still waiting for an answer from Stephen Baldwin. I am guessing I will get no answer.

Isn’t this picture a still of Stephen Baldwin the Christ-loving anti-gay Christian having man/girl sex in a movie? How un-jesus-loving of him.
The still is from the 1990s film “Threesome” courtesy of Sony Pictures.