The 3rd World vs. the 1st World

The other day I overheard two ultra rich Beverly Hills moguls talking about money, business, and more.

Rich Man #1 said: “I’m going to have to stop production of my factory in China, China’s just too expensive.”

Rich Man #2: “Yeah, I’m thinking about setting up a new factory in Vietnam. It’s so much cheaper.”

My big questions to the business moguls of the world:

1. What will you Captains of industry do when there is no more third world to exploit?

2. Where will you go when you have to pay everyone with equal honest pay?

I personally can’t wait for this day to come.  I’d pay anything to see that happen.  Hang in there, America.  Someday soon we will all feel good and become good again.  Even if it’s only because we have to!