"The Dude and the Zen Master" By Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman

“Words are important because they give us a way of informing and dialoguing with each other, but they don’t necessarily help us experience the thing itself.  You can use words to experience an apple, you taste it. To experience life, you can’t give out names, like A440, resonance of the earth, apple, snow, enlightenment, whatever. It’s the experience that counts” – Bernie Glassman

                                          (My rabbit MJ, nothing to do with this book, but he’s very Zen.)

Part of me is in love with this paragraph and the other just thinks about the truth of these words, i.e,  “They’re just words man.” (This is the ‘Dude’ part of my own Zen brain.)

This book, ‘The Dude and the Zen Master,’ has many amazing gems inside it like this. I had to share this one point in order to relate that part of me that loves the true, raw experience that is life and the part that loves writing it all down. These two parts have helped become who I am today.

The truth is never easy but often worth it. I think the greatest part of my being a writer is sometimes, when I truly get lost in my own nonsense. Then, after the dust settles and the high tide washes away, we are left with truth, pretty shards of glass and some poetry. 

I highly recommend this book on many levels,