Top Ten reasons why Sarah Palin won’t be America’s VP

1. She is NOT Hillary Clinton. (Did someone say a female Dan Quayle?)

2. Why would any mother want to run an entire country after just having a special
needs child? This says she really wouldn’t be there for her children,
and is quite selfish, especially during those early developmental years.

3. The population of Alaska is 1/4 of the population of the city of Chicago….
It’s like saying if I have run a small hot dog stand in Fenway Park I am
now qualified to run Microsoft.

4. State government is a whole other ballgame as opposed to federal. Republicans
would argue that VA Governor Tim Kaine (D) was a possible VP choice, but
he wasn’t picked for obvious reasons.  He just couldn’t do the job.
She can’t either.

5. She and McCain would both rid women of their rights that they are provided
for in Roe vs Wade.

6. She would make off-shore drilling abundant in every available spot in America.
She wants to destroy Alaska let alone if she took hold of the
rest of America. She literally thinks Polar bears aren’t worth saving.
7. She avoided admitting to her “Bridge to Nowhere” (The Bridge Story is here! ) scandal.  If you are in
office and make a mistake, please own up to your own mistake.
If not, you really have no character.

8. Being equivalent to Mrs. Brady won’t make her qualified to run America.

9. If the old man McCain dies, (I will remind you all he is 72 and just had
Cancer.  He is in effect on his way out.) we would all have one clueless
Mrs. Brady in office.

10. She is a desperate ploy for an old man who needs female votes, minority
votes, and Hillary votes….We Americans are not that stupid or shallow
to vote for him just because he now has a woman on his ticket.

She’s not hot, not hip, progressive, or smart, or anything worth noting. She kills animals in her spare time and is so, so lame. I’d sooner vote for Paris Hilton than her.