Why Tropic Thunder is so so Good. It’s All about the "Work " Baby.

Please check out Ben Stiller on Charlie Rose:

Tropic Thunder is loads of war-time parody fun!

It is for sure 10 steps above the standard yearly ‘parody’ movie ie: ‘another another teen movie’, ‘superhero movie’ ‘epic movie’ and more….This film is Ben Stiller’s Love Child i.e. his 8 year labor of love that he put his whole heart into. (If you watch the Charlie Rose interview it will all become more apparent).

I won’t sit around and say that it is racist or degrading to: African Americans, Gays, or mentally challenged people. The only race of people this film degrades is the ‘race of people that are Actors’ and the Hollywood system as a whole. There are so, so many funny lines from Downey (Downey makes for one cool brother too by the way) about how actors put in the “work”.  You might just get it-how much we all make ourselves look so very self-important.  Perhaps we might realize how silly we are in forgetting that reality and or life is tougher than any movie or performance we might have always dreamed of giving.

The other highlights to me were Mr. Tom (who knew this guy was so funny) Cruise’s immoral Hollywood Agent character, and Nick Nolte’s fake war hero.  Honestly the whole cast and crew were great.  Even the actor who played the director, Steve Coogan was perfect, and he will also be staring in the highly anticipated comedy, “Hamlet 2”.

Tom Cruise was a total shock.  I mean we all saw his rivetingly funny and heartbreaking performance in Magnolia, but his role in this film was just pure laughter and comedy, written for folks who love making fun of that flawed Hollywood system we all (here) must operate within.