Upcoming Writing Projects

Writing on The Walls: My first complete memoir/manuscript which was my thesis at Calarts.

Peter Pan Trail Tales: A collection of memoir-like stories about my teenage bus hopping days; think of an early 90s version of My Own Private Idaho, but a little less prostitution.

The Gospels According to Plath: an elegy poetry chapbook about my oddly symbiotic relationship with Sylvia Plath and our Mclean hospital connection. Also a serious commentary on the subtext of the fetishization of Sylvia Plath and her works.  My first edition is done!

A Documentary project: with Elyn Saks about mental illness here and overseas and a few other important topics. (TBA)

Updates: I did it in May 2015.

I figured out how to import my blogger into WordPress and I made it through graduate school. One of those might be more impressive than the other. I mean let’s face it, the internet and blogging sites are far more complex than any sort of higher education right?

And so what’s next?

I feel so very adult not using Tumblr for once, graduating, and you’d think I would be, but I do not.

I do not feel adult nor will I ever feel it.

I might always be lost, lost but happy to be here, on this planet with all of you, but isn’t that just me being honest?
Maybe so.

What else? How about you?

RIP to Mr. James Gandolfini

RIP to Mr. James Gandolfini. One of the most talented actors of our time. From his voice work on “Where the Wild Things Are” to his character on The Sopranos to his star-making bit part in True Romance. Tony Soprano was his most vibrant of TV persona, and reminded me so much of my own father, and a bit of myself. A true comfort. James/Tony will be missed all over this world. But as Laura said, at least he died in Roma…

Buonanotte re, si sarà perso.