I’d Rather stand with #BlackLivesMatter and Quentin Tarantino any day…

I’d rather stand with Quentin Tarantino any day of the week rather than to do nothing and or to say nothing at all.

Incidentally, this was how my first real run in with the Nypd went down: I was 18 and wearing a Malcom X style “X” hat out of support for Spike Lee’s new film X.


While doing so, a couple of rather pale cops followed me and my friends (my now deceased friend Aaron and company..) and harassed us to a rather nasty degree.

The cops verbally harassed me and us, until I did what they ordered me to do and “take off my stupid fucking ‘X’ hat” as according to them Malcom X “hated all white people” and “would kill you if given the chance to.” I tried to argue about this with the Nypd but they seemed more than ready to beat me and or arrest me for anything they’d liked.

Now imagine this same scene if I simply were a non-white in that same rather prominently white area of Manhattan where I’d been? It would have been much rougher for me. Incidentally that was white privilege, something that I didn’t ask for but am more than happy to share with you if still don’t understand the concept of it as a whole.

And here is where you might say that things have changed since the 90s in NYC and I might have to argue and say….not really at all. And I no my Fb is not here to impressive you but more importantly to inform you of things that might be much larger than me. And no I don’t give a shit about your stupid fucking election as none of them not Bernie will probably pass any federal fucking laws to change things in the country regarding how Black people are treated by the police.

‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ still today, I don’t have to wait for another murder take place do ? To post something angry and real do I? Lapd and Nypd boycott injustice?

Main Source’s classic jam: “A Friendly Game of Baseball.” An #EricGarner themed song that was written when? In 1989/90? What?! Was Main Source/Large Professor a bunch of psychic rappers? Or have cops been killing black people for a long long time?

Sadly enough, he’s no psychic just honest. #oldschoolrapstyle
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I’m very happy to have gotten my new workbook: “Better Days: A Mental Health Recovery Workbook” written by my old 90s punk rock pal Craig Lewis. Back in the day we all used to call him #CrustyCraig and nowadays #CraigLewis is a certified Peer Specialist mental health counselor.

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