A video posted by Carmelo Valone (@carmelovalone) on May 27, 2015 at 12:25pm PDT


Dear President Xi Jinping,

I made more art and of course Ai Wei Wei could not be there. Xi you have to know by now that art-making and politically inspired art is not a crime and that Ai Wei Wei must have his human rights back.


@carmelovalone & @aicantbehere & the rest of the art world beyond your borders and reach of power.

#aicantbehere #aiweiwei #silentprotest #aiweiweialcatraz
#artisnotacrime #HumanRights #china #art #burningdownthehouse
#fireart #xi #xijinping

Attn Artists: Please Join this cause:

I must urge all of you and those that are in shouting distance to take part in the @aicantbehere campaign to help Ai Wei Wei to get his passport, human rights, free expression and travel rights reinstated.

Thank you my fellow artists and supporters of free expression within the world art community. -carmelo