My Tiny Press Project Interview/My Chapbook Project Skinny

It is up on my professor Jen Hofer’s site:

Our student Tiny Press projects are listed here:

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(Note my Corgi son: Happy)

Okay that’s all I have to say for a while….I mean it is summer right?

🙂 Carmelo

Want to see my 1st thesis reading of the Spring? March 20th in LA/Glassell Park. Come down for food, drinks and all sorts of honesty & literary realism.

Note after this, my final #Calarts thesis reading event will be on May 14th 2015 at RedCat Disney Hall theater/concert hall.

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Tonight’s lecture was amazing and beautiful by the iconic, and humbly cool Cynthia Carr. She spoke about her recent biography: “Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Worjnarowicz.” Cynthia is generous writer not just in form and context, but in emotional context-not something one gets to share in everyday.

I’m feeling pretty grateful for being a part of this writing program.

Thanks Fate,


Lately I have too busy to do this tumblr thing…

but I’m going on break soon! I’ve been working on a series of poems all about my feelings/relationship I have had with Sylvia Plath’s works, and presence in my life-from our similarities to our differing worlds. 

My memoir is coming along too. A decade in the making. Calarts’s MFA program is being quite kind to me, allowing me time and space to write and think where it was otherwise just a dream or passion-it’s now a life-my life. 

I’m learning so very much from Douglas Kearney the poet and my mentor Janet. 


Ps. A new tattoo is coming soon. A literary one at that-I should post a picture, but I won’t yet…