Again, the irony of my birthday happening to be on the same day as #worldmentalhealthday is far beyond me. Is this karma kissing me on the mouth? Maybe so.
I suppose that I could confess to all of you that I have/had this problem with depression around my birthday, probably because of rather personal and and or dark reasons. Perhaps I might’ve even tried to kill myself on this day (years ago) and on many other times as well because these are of the side effects of living with Bipolar disorder and Ptsd.
And the truth is that when you live with any form of disease or disorder we all have our ups and downs. The trick is to not allow your diagnosis and or downs rule you. For me I’m not my disease and yet still-I still have to work at being welland in control and because of this I’ve gone from a former professional mental patient into being the artist I’ve always wanted to become, along with becoming a teacher of creative expression, mental health care giving and soon to become a future talk therapist myself.
Quite a lot of heavy bombs to be dropping off on instagram right? Well, if I don’t say anything about myself and my life, how could I expect others to become more open and honest in regards to mental health and illness? If we at least talk to one another about it, perhaps all of this might not seem so heavy and or daunting. Perhaps we all wouldn’t get so quiet when someone says the words: depression, bipolar, mental health and or mental illness and ptsd.
Okay then, I must get away from everything that is being the nstagram addict that I’ve become as of late.
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