Boy A- Movie Review –

I went and saw the film “Boy A” over at the Nuart Theater in West La.

I have to say I wholeheartedly enjoyed this film. The idea is not that new: a criminal is given another chance at a second life. But the details are much different and it follows or mirrors a real case from the 1990’s. It seems that at least in the Brit Film, the laws of the land have a kinder heart when it comes to letting people have second chances. This book and the film are both based on this following case:
This follows the UK’s strict confidentiality laws when it comes to children who commit such crimes as murder and beyond.

Here in America we don’t have such laws, and we could really care less about our ‘criminals’, child or not. It seems in Britain they have a different philosophy on the subject. Historically speaking the film reminded me of the UK classic film “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” which is another classic about redemption.

A most interesting story to say the least,and the lead actor and the film have won 5 BFTA Awards so far and I am sure that more awards will come for all involved. The lead played by Andrew Garfield was nothing short of great, and theatrically speaking, he made some of the most interesting choices on camera I have seen this year (next to Ledger in Batman, of course). I might even be so bold as to say there might just be some Oscar nominations in this film. I would guess for lead actor, and or for best adapted screenplay.

The world’s biggest question now is how do we treat children when they commit an adult crime? Are they not less conscious of the world around us?  I would have to say that child criminals might just deserve a second chance at life. I personally would go so far to say that adults too deserve another chance if at all possible. We all would and should be able and capable of second chances and another try at a new life.  Are we all so cold as to not think about a second chance for people who make mistakes?  Meanwhile, G.W. Bush is walking around free and clear, and what’s so fair about that?

Here’s the official movie link:

Have a great weekend all!